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New feature: Emailing into Google Drive

7 Mar, 2013

posted by: admin

We launched a new feature that lets you get stuff into your Google Drive by sending emails to your personal DAV-pocket email address.

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New service URL is now available!

28 Sep, 2012

posted by: admin

The dav-pocket.appspot.com/docs service URL is no longer available.
Please sign up to use /docso service URL or use new service URL instead.

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Integrate iPad Pages with Google Docs

15 Mar, 2012

posted by: admin

DAV-pocket is now being used by many Google Docs users with applications which support WebDAV.

The most popular application is Pages for iPad - word processing app on Apple's iPad.

Here's a step-by-step guide to integrate your Pages for iPad with Google Docs.

  1. Sign up with DAV-pocket and authorise your account. See this post for more details

  2. Open your document on Pages for iPad and click the wrench icon to open the tools menu. Then click Share and Print.

  3. Click Copy to WebDAV.

    Then you will be asked to sign in with user name and password.
    Fill out the information as follow:

    Server Address:

    User Name:
    Your DAV-pocket user name

    Your DAV-pocket Account password

  4. That's it. Your document will be uploaded to Google Docs.


DAV-pocket allows following operations.

  • Uploading files;
  • Uploading folders with files and subfolders;
  • Deleting objects;

  • Windows XP Web folder
  • Windows Vista Web folder
  • Windows 7 Network Place
  • GoodReader (iOS app)
  • Pages (iOS app)
  • Numbers (iOS app)
  • Known issues

    WebDAV MOVE method is not implemented yet, so rename operation from Windows XP is failed.

  • If a folder in Google Docs contains folders or files with duplicated name, some operation doesn't work well.


Google Drive Compatible


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