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WebDAV access to Google Docs

8 Mar, 2010

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DAV-pocket is a WebDAV server which allows you access to Google Docs.

WebDAV is a series of extensions to the HTTP protocol and defines how basic file functions, such as copy, move, delete, and create folder, are performed across HTTP.

If you are using a Windows PC, you can create a Web folder to access the WebDAV server in My Network Places on your PC.

This allows you to access the WebDAV server where you can easily upload and download files using Windows Explorer.

DAV-pocket supports access to Google Docs, so you can access files on Google Docs using Windows Explorer.

Here are the steps:

1. Click Add a network place. The Add Network Place Wizard will start. Click Next to continue.

2. Click Choose another network location, and then click Next.

3. Enter 'https://dav-pocket.appspot.com/docs/' and click Next

The dav-pocket.appspot.com/docs/ service URL is no longer available.
Please use dav-pocket-basic.appspot.com/docs/ URL instead.

4. Type the username and password used for logging into Google Docs and click OK.

Note that the username and password are handed to DAV-pocket first and then DAV-pocket uses the account information to login to Google Docs. DAV-pocket does not store the account information, and all of your online storage-related traffic to Google Docs is transmitted using the HTTPS protocol, so your access to Google Docs is secure as long as you use HTTPS. Still, for security reason, we strongly recommend not to use your 'main' Google account. It's better to create another Google Docs account, and share folders or files with your 'main' account.

5. Click Next and give the network place a name and click Next again and then Finish.

More detail. HOW TO: Create a Shortcut to a Network Location in Windows XP


DAV-pocket allows following operations.

  • Uploading files;
  • Uploading folders with files and subfolders;
  • Deleting objects;

  • Windows XP Web folder
  • Windows Vista Web folder
  • Windows 7 Network Place
  • GoodReader (iOS app)
  • Pages (iOS app) (registered users only)
  • Numbers (iOS app) (registered users only)
  • Known issues

    WebDAV MOVE method is not implemented yet, so rename operation from Windows XP is failed.

  • If a folder in Google Docs contains folders or files with duplicated name, some operation doesn't work well.


Google Drive Compatible


DAV-pocket Lab is a small project team developping WebDAV Server on Google App Engine.

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