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New service url is now available!

28 Sep, 2012

posted by: admin

We provide two different versions of WebDAV services for Google Drive, the first version is for non-registered Google users, the second is for DAV-pocket registered users, which is more secure than the first version.



We now launched the new version to handle increasing WebDAV requests.

The url of the new service is:


This third version is a service for non-registered users, which have same features with the first version.

If you are the one of non-registered users, we recommend to create a DAV-pocket account and use the service for registered users, or use the new service for non-registered users instead of the first version.

The first service url (dav-pocket.appspot.com/docs/) is no longer updated and will not be available soon.


DAV-pocket allows following operations.

  • Uploading files;
  • Uploading folders with files and subfolders;
  • Deleting objects;

  • Windows XP Web folder
  • Windows Vista Web folder
  • Windows 7 Network Place
  • GoodReader (iOS app)
  • Pages (iOS app) (registered users only)
  • Numbers (iOS app) (registered users only)
  • Known issues

    WebDAV MOVE method is not implemented yet, so rename operation from Windows XP is failed.

  • If a folder in Google Docs contains folders or files with duplicated name, some operation doesn't work well.


Google Drive Compatible


DAV-pocket Lab is a small project team developping WebDAV Server on Google App Engine.

If you have any suggestions on how to make this service better, We'd be interested in hearing what you have to say.

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